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Three things

After all the speculation and commentary beetween Iowa and NH, I have to throw a few comments into the mess.

First off, everyone in both parties seems be bantering around about “change.” But I feel we should clarify what is meant and understood as change. Change is not so simple as ‘not Bush.’ There is a bigger and deeper csense of change afoot, one could call it ‘Change’ – emphasis on the capital ‘C’. You can talk about change all day, like yesterday is different from today is not tomorrow, and call that “change.” This flavor of change is exemplified by the likes of hillary, romney, and abc news, the national party powers-that-be.

Then there is the “Change” as embodied by Edwards, Obama, and Huckabee, Ron Paul. This is a much more fundamental kind of change, not simply other than bushco, but non-establishment itself.

So hillary and the like can speak the pretty words of change, but she can never get it in her soul, nor come across as really being in touch with it, because she ain’t it, abc ain’t it, romney ain’t it – and they just don’t get that, they are in thier own blind spot. Maybe it was said best in the Nation article, “is like slapping a Greenpeace bumper sticker on a Hummer.

Secondly, immigration is not a real issue. Yes, there are concerns there that need to be addressed, but this is mostly a manufactured issue by the right because it’s really all they have – and even then they’re split. One might say they have Iraq also, but I think it’s come that they have lost that too.

On this note, let’s be clear and define amnesty: a general pardon for offenders. Imposing a penalty, i.e. going home or paying a fine, is not a pardon, it’s a penalty, a punishment. So let’s quit mincing our words trying to straddle the issue.

Lastly, I think something generally missed in most discussions, though now beginning to come to some light is the generational aspect of the primaries. What I see is a split from the baby boomers and everyone thereafter – the same split that is old politics and the new politics of change and hope and rising above all the Crap.

The problem the boomers have is they are all still trying to fight out the battle of the 60’s and the positions have only hardened since then, which was exemplified in the last election. Now we have the genX and beyond candidates mixing in, offering a new direction, and lighting a different path. How refreshing.


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