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windows sucks

it is really wonder to me that Anyone uses windows.

about a year ago, at the end of my frustration with windows, i jumped cold-turkey to a linux based operating system, ubuntu. i am not geek, though i can get around a machine maybe a little more than average. today i am reminded why.

there was one application i was wanting to try for personal use, sadly only available in windows. so i dug out the windows hard-drive i still have. first, the email app couldn’t even register a password to check email, so i had to use the web-based version. secondly, it couldn’t open my browser after hibernate, i had to reboot. next the app i wanted required winzip, a proprietary app that you have to pay for, which i won’t. so i went to try a free trial version, but that couldn’t even install itself because i need a special service pack for the version of windows i’m using.

in the end i cannot access the program i was after in the first place, after about an hour of Dicking around with windows BS. this is why i HATE windows – just fuckoff, really – make it Twice.

i am back now in my utterly free ubuntu 6.06, aka dapper drake, not only loving it, but having gone this full year now without one single crash. as they say, “it just works.” thank you.


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