AAEC – Political Cartoon by Larry Wright, Detroit News – 01/11/2008:


A good friend of mine passed a book on to me last fall, which I have only recently picked up and am yet barely 70 pages into. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown, an Indian history of the American West; and I understand there may be an (HBO?) movie which I have not seen.
A passage I read through last night struck me directly, particularly considering current circumstances – Little Crow, a Santee Sioux, August 1862:

Why was it that the Americans talked so much of peace, and yet they themselves waged such a savage war that they had no money left to pay their debts?

Three things

After all the speculation and commentary beetween Iowa and NH, I have to throw a few comments into the mess.

First off, everyone in both parties seems be bantering around about “change.” But I feel we should clarify what is meant and understood as change. Change is not so simple as ‘not Bush.’ There is a bigger and deeper csense of change afoot, one could call it ‘Change’ – emphasis on the capital ‘C’. You can talk about change all day, like yesterday is different from today is not tomorrow, and call that “change.” This flavor of change is exemplified by the likes of hillary, romney, and abc news, the national party powers-that-be.

Then there is the “Change” as embodied by Edwards, Obama, and Huckabee, Ron Paul. This is a much more fundamental kind of change, not simply other than bushco, but non-establishment itself.

So hillary and the like can speak the pretty words of change, but she can never get it in her soul, nor come across as really being in touch with it, because she ain’t it, abc ain’t it, romney ain’t it – and they just don’t get that, they are in thier own blind spot. Maybe it was said best in the Nation article, “is like slapping a Greenpeace bumper sticker on a Hummer.

Secondly, immigration is not a real issue. Yes, there are concerns there that need to be addressed, but this is mostly a manufactured issue by the right because it’s really all they have – and even then they’re split. One might say they have Iraq also, but I think it’s come that they have lost that too.

On this note, let’s be clear and define amnesty: a general pardon for offenders. Imposing a penalty, i.e. going home or paying a fine, is not a pardon, it’s a penalty, a punishment. So let’s quit mincing our words trying to straddle the issue.

Lastly, I think something generally missed in most discussions, though now beginning to come to some light is the generational aspect of the primaries. What I see is a split from the baby boomers and everyone thereafter – the same split that is old politics and the new politics of change and hope and rising above all the Crap.

The problem the boomers have is they are all still trying to fight out the battle of the 60’s and the positions have only hardened since then, which was exemplified in the last election. Now we have the genX and beyond candidates mixing in, offering a new direction, and lighting a different path. How refreshing.


YES, the rain is quite cleansing and frogs see the day go by, half here, half there sharing light and dark at just the proper time, a nice balance i agree. so maybe i missed your last letter, i don’t know. you are lucky to be there so close to my beloved montana and lakota country. other than that, maybe it is just mostly nonsense.

in any case, i should ask milt to buy me oil futures for october, say around $160 would be fine – i’ll stash away some pennies for another rainy day. but i digress. there was a time when i lived up to myself, up in the north land where it is far more rain than here, so this is pleasantly dry and bright for me; unlike the global class war as it goes on to a new president like the old, already bought and paid for and sold for a nice profit and the shareholders. though i should not rant on into politics or economics as it might lead me to drink – but we should keep these most harmful drugs legal and cheap, lest the cia get involved.

so i will just keep to my shovel and rake and an occasionally good book, plant some seeds here and there and keep my fingers crossed – remembering of course my pocket knife so i may clean the dirt from my nails now and again. but again i digress, oh yes, the rains . . . so dreadful i ought to just find my gun and be done with it all, i mean what is the point of it all anyway? really? here or there or now or later, no difference, just flying through the night like a blind owl or a deaf wolf or that tall crane standing silently, smilingly, relentlessly whispering this old rain song over and over and over – nearly mumbling under it’s breath while stewing in it’s nearly perfect filth or stillness, like the sun and moon dancing that broken record waltz.

but this stranger keeps going on about the lunar man and this alpha female, butting heads and facing opposite directions, never touching – just hurling insults at each other through spacetime. back to back they stab each other and keep singing in new seasons with their bamboo leaf swords, fluttering in the wind like fairy windchimes. that is, until they break and dawn shows her face again as they say hello and goodbye, neither coming nor going – just me here in this dizzy center hurtling through cold space dust. so what?! you say. hmmph. however you wish, i should just keep walking. maybe we’ll run in another time, maybe not.


Everything is clapping today,

All movement.

A rabbit I pass pulls a cymbal
>From a hidden pocket
Then winks.

This causes a few planets and I
To go nuts
And start grabbing each other.

Someone sees this,
Calls a

Tries to get me
Being too

Listen: this world is the lunatic’s sphere,
Don’t always agree it’s real,

Even with my feet upon it
And the postman knowing my door

My address is somewhere else.

Elegant Simplicity

My very existence is an admission of guilt. Placed before a blank sheet of paper, any blank sheet of paper, I instinctively begin to set down the list of my latest crimes. What else can I do? The very thoughts of a person like me are crimes against the state. All I have to do is think: and immediately I become guilty. In spite of all my efforts to correct this lamentable tendency to subversiveness and intellectual sabotage, I cannot possibly get rid of it. ~ Sir Thomas Merton, 1960

Mainstream consciousness made a relatively big step in the last year, from environmentalism being something of birkenstock granola’s to the now hip greening of just about everything, and that isn’t nothing. However, it remains mostly a marketing tool and a way to claim a degree of responsibleness. The true green economy is not something one can buy at Safeway, Wal-mart, or any other corporate entity. Rather, it is more likely to be found at the local farm store, in a how-to handbook or a DIY project around your own community; this may be the next layer of development for mainstream consciousness. This is an evolutionary tale after all.

While our elected officials piddle away the time with silliness like the new CAFE standards for vehicle efficiency and the so-called Energy Bill, making target of 35 mpg by 2020, most of Europe is already there. The truth of our future scenario lies somewhere between communalism and anarchy, of which, the federal government will be a minor player, if at all – short of a truly revolutionary leadership mind coming forward and not being utterly ignored by today’s version of what passes for media. The first step many of us can take that would be truly green might be to turn the television on it’s side and make a planter box of it.

Other commentors of present day on these topics of peak-oil, climate change, and the slipping economy are beginning to suggest that we have arrived at crucial times. Bill McKibbon speaks of having already passed the target point of CO2 in the atmosphere, “The biggest political and economic task we’ve ever faced: weaning ourselves from coal, gas and oil – has to happen now, and everywhere. No more passing the buck. We need huge changes in every aspect of your daily life. . . . The problems of global equity alone may be too much — the Chinese aren’t going to stop burning coal unless we give them some other way to pull people out of poverty.” Frankly, I think he’s really on to something here, giving China something. We could eliminate our military and use the defense budget to send food and cash, maybe send some to the middle east while we’re at it. Oh, yeah, right – I forgot about all those pesky terrorists, hmm . . . .

Tom Whipple writes this week of a coming “perfect storm” of sorts, “Within the next year our liquidity problems, unsatisfied demand for oil, growing food and water shortages, and other consequences of overindulgence appear likely to merge into an unprecedented economic storm.” He also breaches the notion of ‘peak resources’ in general, which I also touched on a couple years back. James Kuntsler reviews circumstances in the USSR pre-collapse, “Official Soviet agriculture was such a fiasco for half a century that the Soviet people were long-conditioned to provide for themselves. For decades, 90 percent of the food was coming from tiny household gardens, wherever it was possible to grow stuff.” Then goes on to note that what served local communities best was maintaining personal networks based on mutual trust. Sounds to me a familiar foreshadow,

Just what would America look like if 90% of food was coming from tiny household gardens? I wonder what sort of “green marketing” scheme Safeway would be engaged in. I wonder if we even need Safeway? I wonder if Safeway will take the lead on developing networks of local producers? I wonder if Exxon will take the lead on developing solar and wind and hydrogen systems? I wonder if the federal government will maintain it’s irrelevance? I wonder if a flavor of post-modern DIY communalistic anarchy (aka local networks) will develop a level of sophisticated integration in time enough to substantially limit our collective emissions and waste? There are clues that this new anarchy is beginning to develop, and by this ‘anarchy’, I mean simply individuals and local communities acting independently, leading through small acts on very local levels. Maybe we are beginning to get it, if only the mainstream would catch on in a real and meaningful way. In any case, there is likely to be a die-off somewhere along the way and I imagine that a version of survival-of-the-fittest and Karma will dictate those terms.

windows sucks

it is really wonder to me that Anyone uses windows.

about a year ago, at the end of my frustration with windows, i jumped cold-turkey to a linux based operating system, ubuntu. i am not geek, though i can get around a machine maybe a little more than average. today i am reminded why.

there was one application i was wanting to try for personal use, sadly only available in windows. so i dug out the windows hard-drive i still have. first, the email app couldn’t even register a password to check email, so i had to use the web-based version. secondly, it couldn’t open my browser after hibernate, i had to reboot. next the app i wanted required winzip, a proprietary app that you have to pay for, which i won’t. so i went to try a free trial version, but that couldn’t even install itself because i need a special service pack for the version of windows i’m using.

in the end i cannot access the program i was after in the first place, after about an hour of Dicking around with windows BS. this is why i HATE windows – just fuckoff, really – make it Twice.

i am back now in my utterly free ubuntu 6.06, aka dapper drake, not only loving it, but having gone this full year now without one single crash. as they say, “it just works.” thank you.