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Calling So.Cal Buddha’s

Hey all ~ we’re on a mission, and wondering if you have any ideas / contacts that might be helpful:

We’re trying to help a Buddhist Nun from Burma. She was supposed to return to Burma when her visa ran out, but because of the strife and danger in Burma right now, she cannot go home. She has been granted refuge status in California, so she can remain here in America for awhile longer. But, she is in need of a place to live somewhere in the Southern California area. They are able to pay about $500 a month, and we’re hoping to connect with someone who might be willing to rent a room to her for a few months (maybe longer if it all works out). She cannot come to Oregon because her refuge status is only granted in California.

It would be ideal to find someone who was connected with the Buddhist community; but anyone who is spiritually minded and willing to engage with someone like her would also be greatly appreciated. She does speak English, is 36, has been a nun her entire life, and does have a car.

Please respond with any thoughts/idea/avenues to pursue that might occur to you. Many thanks for any help.

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spaces and places

with a toast to el Nuevo. though i don’t speak latino, not well at all – maybe only enough to order a burrito and pee. i would say more, but i’ve no idea what that would be. likely i would end up just rambling on about nothing much of anything, or we all just sit in Silence

i wonder how pointless this all would be if it all really were anything to begin with – yet we just go on around making it all into something, and there are things, right? besides, it’s treason to suggest Nothingness, particularly with so much money to be had.

well, that should be about enough to get started on. just this.~

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